5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Level and Libido

Testosterone, especially in males is the primary contributor of sex drive. Higher level of this good anabolic steroid not only means a well-toned fat free physique, but also ensures you a spicy hot bed time. So if you are experiencing any of the symptoms like lower sex drive, tiredness during entire bed session, it could possibly be originating from a downward move of your body testosterone level. Due to the integral relation between testosterone and libido, it is important for men to understand how to keep their T level high.

Effect of Lower Testosterone Level – Irritable Male Syndrome

One of the few new age health and psychological issues is the Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS). Symptoms of IMS include –

  • Lower libido,
  • Emotional fluctuations, frequent mood swing, aggregation, anxiety,
  • Loss of motivation,
  • Over indulgence towards alcohol, gambling, lottery or workaholism,

High stress and present day life style is the primary contributor towards IMS. Within the body, mainly lowering of testosterone level by the above mentioned causes set IMS on fire.

So if you can identify yourself suffering from any of those symptoms and your bed activity is south ward or has already hit the bottom, it’s time to put your T level back and bring back your libido to normal. Fortunately it is not at all hard to achieve.

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone and Libido

Whether you want to recover from lower level of testosterone and libido or want to maintain their normal level to keep IMS away, these five tricks should work like a charm:

  1. Stay in shape – Testosterone and fat are highly interconnected. Higher T level helps in lowering of body fat level while higher body fat cuts down on your body testosterone level. So including some high intensity weight training in your daily routine to keep fat away and give a boost to your T level.
  2. Get some good sleep of 8 hours daily – Research has shown that lowering your sleep amount by 2-3 hours daily for a week causes around 15% reduction of your most Important male hormone. So make sure you don’t sacrifice your daily dose of sleep for those after dark parties. Once in a while it is ok but if you are marked as a hardcore party goer, think twice.
  3. Get de-stressed – Stress is one of the primary contributors towards low T level. High stress causes accumulation of body fat which further lowers your testosterone. So have a deep look at your life style including work-life balance. Identify the reasons behind your stress and work on priority to get rid of them. It may take some time but making this point work is very important for recovering your testosterone and libido level. If required seek help from professionals. On the easy side relax for a little longer, take regular breaks from work, spend time with family or friends and go on vacations. All these have some serious de-toxifying effect.
  4. Restrict fast foods, go for home-made – Easy to cook or readymade foods including burgers, fries, soft-drinks and all such are high on carb and fat level. Also they include high level of preservatives and many other materials that cut down on your yestosterone Level. At any cost minimize intake of such foods and go for homemade ones. Include veggies which are rich in minerals and vitamins and add some olive oil in to your recipes. Including fish in to your menu is also an important way of Boosting Testosterone Level.
  5. Get Sun-kissed – Vitamin D level is very important for maintain proper T level. Since being in the sun for some time is enough to produce your daily requirement of this vitamin, why not spend some time under the sun?

Testosterone is the primary regulator of male libido. Maintaining proper T level using Spartagen XT ensures higher libido and a great fat free physique. Follow these five simple techniques to give a boost to your testosterone and libido.