All You Need To Know About Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is important for men as Testosterone is all about masculinity and machismo. It is not just about sex but has other functions too, such as during puberty; it is responsible for growth of facial hair and deepening of voice which is probably the reason why you are here, reading this. Moving on:-

Symptoms of low testosterone

Erectile dysfunction is not the only symptom of low testosterone. Other symptoms that you may not be aware of and have missed out now are:

1. Less desire for sex.

2. Weight gain.

3. Fatigue and lethargy.

4. Low iron ie anaemia.

5. Reduction is muscle mass.

6. Breast enlargement.

7. Changed cholesterol levels.

8. Lessening of body hair.

So, keep a lookout for these signs. Because low testosterone isn't always directly proportional to age, it can happen to young men as well.

Causes of low testosterone

There are many, some you may not even have realised could be the reason. It is important to know the reasons as only with awareness you can work towards remedying the problem. Now, don’t think testosterone therapy will miraculously increase your testosterone levels while you continue ignoring the causes. No. You will have to work on finding a solution for these causes too, which are pretty basic on the face of it and don’t really need anything but self control and motivation.

· High blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

· Diabetes. Seriously, a disease being the cause of another problem is really screwed up!

· Obesity. Too much weight gain, especially abdominal. Beer belly!

· That annoyingly common problem - stress! Stress, leads to low testosterone, which leads to erectile dysfunction, which leads to more stress, which leads to lower testosterone and so on. Now that is what we call a vicious cycle of cause and effect!

· Excess of iron in the body.

· Injured, infected testicles. As if that wasn’t bad enough!

· Problem in the pituitary gland, which regulates the production of testosterone in the body.

· Too much alcohol and smoking. High cholesterol levels. Maybe eat a bit less of that bacon, ok?

· Hormonal medications.

How to get your testosterone level checked?

So, before you suddenly decide on your own that you have low testosterone, please go and get it checked! Get your blood tested for testosterone levels. Now once is not enough because testosterone levels keep on changing throughout the day. So, several blood samples will be required all through the day to get a proper estimate.

Methods of Testosterone Therapy

For increasing testosterone in the body through this therapy there are many ways. You can choose each according to cost and convenience. It is obviously a good idea to have a thorough discussion with your doctor before deciding on a course of action.

1. You can apply skin gels. This may cause mild irritation, but causes easy absorption of testosterone. The gel is applied on the upper torso and arms mainly.

2. Patches can also be applied on a less hairy part of the body for better absorption of testosterone. They should be applied daily. Again, could cause some mild irritation.

3. Injections are an inexpensive option compared to the skin gel and patches. Moreover you don’t need to use them daily, just once in one or two weeks.

4. Tablets that are placed in contact with your gums, through which testosterone is absorbed. They are to be used twice a day and do not swallow them! Moreover, it may take some getting used to but you can do the normal 'mouth' functions such as talking and consumption of food easily.

5. Pellets. These are surgically implanted inside the body, usually near the hips. They then release testosterone in the body at regular intervals.

Have proper follow ups with your doctor after the testosterone therapy starts. It is important that you are regular with these visits so that the therapy takes its proper course.

Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy

Before you decide to start testosterone therapy, it is crucial that you are aware of all the side effects. These side effects are potential ones, and you may or may not have them. But even so, you should be aware of them. Better safe than sorry.

· Acne.

· Enlargement of breasts.

· Sleep apnoea could worsen.

· Can cause your cancers, such as of the prostate, to grow.

· Worsen your heart problems.

· Can increase risk of blood clots in veins, which can be a very serious issue if they occur in an organ like lungs.

· Your testes could decrease in size.

· Mood swings and can make you more aggressive.

Who should not go in for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Not every man can go in for testosterone therapy. If you any of these medical problems do not opt for this. It is imperative that you inform your doctor of these conditions.

· Prostate cancer.

· Breast cancer.

· Urinary tract problems.

· Heart failure issues.

· Sleep apnoea that hasn’t been treated.

· Kidney problems.

· Liver problems.

· If you're taking other medications, it is best to inform your doctor about all of them.

You should be aware of all these issues. Be assured that testosterone therapy is a tried and tested method with successful results. That is why with the proper guidance of your doctor you can get a handle on your testosterone problem and cure it.

  • March 16, 2016
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