Asian Ginseng: The Herb For The Drive

Herbs have always worked wonders for humans since time immemorial. Mostly the ones in Asia have had immense fame in improving our health and well-being. Medicines, potions churned out of well-chosen herbs by our ancestors saved thousands of lives when synthesized antibiotics and other drugs were not even remotely in anyone’s dreams. To this date, they are considered valuable. The noted ones among them are ginkgo and Asian Ginseng, or precisely the Korean Red Ginseng.

What it looks like

It’s basically a root that resembles a human body and shoots like strings protrude out of the main one, giving it an arm-and-leg look. As if, it is a miniature form of human body. To humour here, we could say that’s why humans and ginseng go way back. This has also earned this root a name ‘manroot’ because of this resemblance.

The ginsenosides in Asian Ginseng is what scientists call the active ingredients. This when coupled with other herb extracts or even chemicals, provide the necessary healing. The Chinese still mingle Asian Ginseng while making Traditional Chinese Medicines or TCM in short.

Various applications in the field

Scientists have obtained various results after studying Asian Ginseng. The most prominent effect observed is improvement of the overall health of an individual. Asian Ginseng helps strengthen the immunity system of the body and subsequent results reflect in the heart, brain and sex organs. We’ll take a detailed view of the same. Of late, this herb has gained prominence for its ability to heighten sex drive of people.

Ancient inscriptions on tortoise found in China reveal facts about ginseng that goes back as far as 500 A.D. It is quite understandable why the value of this herb is so great.

What have studies revealed?

There was a study made in Mexico City on about 500 people, both men and women. It showed that these people reported an improved well-being after they took Asian Ginseng, i.e. the Korean ginseng.

How it works

Panax ginseng (the scientific name for Asian Ginseng, particularly Korean red ginseng) helps heighten the stamina of the person as a result of increasing the immunity. Consequently, the sexual performance is enhanced too because it is known to boost sperm production. With reduced stress in the body, men are able to perform better. The sex drive shoots up and erectile dysfunction heals too. Although, firm reports are yet to be established, studies have revealed this observation.

Stress handling improves with this

In today’s world, here is so much pressure on the work life that even the idea of getting up from bed seems to stress us out. With Asian Ginseng, stress can be dealt a lot more efficiently. Both Asians and Americans reported the same results. Lesser the stress, the more energetic you are in bed.

Effect on men explained in detail

Most results have been concluded after the medicine was tested on lab rats. Then it was time to test them on humans. A similar study of taking Korean ginseng by 900 mg was done in Korea. The men were given to have this with the exact dosage frequency of thrice a day. The following two weeks they were not given any pills. Then for 8 weeks they took placebos in place of Korean ginseng the dosage remaining the same. This technique is called the crossover.

60% of men reported that they could get very good erections and maintain them. They also said that they were satisfied throughout the sexual intercourse that they had. The results were compared to those of Viagra. Guess what? Viagra was a little behind. Time for expensive pills to take a backseat is nearly here.

And it is not just sex drive. Korean ginseng has an overall effect on improving one’s vitality, whether man or woman.

Other advantages of using Korean Red Ginseng

1. Better athletic performance – in the lab, most animals showed heightened reflex action, reaction time, and agility too. Some exceptions, however, do exist.

2. Less stress in life – this one is a bit difficult to study quantitatively. Yet, people have told that this herb has helped them to combat it well. They are happier after taking it.

3. Reduction in cancer risks – those taking Asian Ginseng ran a lower risk of getting cancer in the liver, heart, ovaries, lungs and stomach. Just three times a year has reduced cancer risks greatly in people.

There are more herbs in and around Asia. India, one of the most noted countries of this continent too houses a lot of herbs, which have formed a branch of medicine called the Ayurveda. So, there are more out there with terrific properties, waiting to be harnessed. Synthesized drugs have made us weaker than we think.

A better yet environment friendly approach can work wonders in medicine science to help us lead better lives. This one herb is capable of restoring vitality to a person. Many can change the overall world. What we would not give to get rid of antidepressants? The best thing about herbs is that they are not that effective save a very few.

Be careful!!

Yet, some precautions are always necessary because after all, these are medicines and might show contradictions upon interacting with other medicines. Taking these medicines should be done under the supervision of knowledgeable person.  Spartagen XT contains Asian Ginseng and have not had reported cases of bad side effects.

The following are very rare side effects but should not be ruled out. Incidents of insomnia, euphoria, restlessness, anxiety (because Asian Ginseng heightens alertness of the body and mind) etc. symptoms have been reported in rare cases.

So it is always advisable to do it under prescription to avoid any unwelcoming effect on the body.