Boost Your Libido: Definitive Guide

Libido, popularly known as sex drive, is a person’s urge to engage in sexual activities. Since sexual desires are both common and important for any relationships, lower sexual activities have often been linked to failures of relationships. While it is a popular belief that men have higher libido than women, in reality it is partially true. On the other hand men with higher libido have often been found to have better lady luck when lower libido is associated with a poor social status.

Libido is controlled by several factors, which include biological, social, personal and medical contexts. It is often a very complex relationship between these factors and the libido Level of a person, especially men. Thus it is very important to properly understand the reasons responsible for variations in libido level.

Factors affecting libido

As mentioned above, several factors that control the libido of a person are as follows

  • Hormones: Hormones, especially testosterone is the primary regulator of men libido. Higher T level is generally associated with higher libido while lowering of testosterone level often results in poor sex drive.
  • Cholesterol: Cholesterol is one of the prime factors affecting libido in men. Along with disturbing several biological balances, Cholesterol often results in poor blood flow, an essential factor of proper erection. In fact lower libido associated with improper penile erection is an indicator higher cholesterol level.
  • Body Fat: Body fat and testosterone are related by a vicious cycle. Higher percentage of body fact lowers the level of testosterone and thereby increases further accumulation of fat. In this way body T level keeps on going down resulting in poor libido.
  • Stress: Stress induces release of cortisol, which in turn causes fat and sugar accumulation and causes imbalance in all physiological parameters. As mentioned above, higher body fat results in poor T level which translates in to lower libido.
  • Medication: Several medicines affect libido as it side effect. While strong therapies like Chemotherapy or radiation therapy have known effects on turning down the libido level, poor drug management also wreaks havoc on sexual urge.
  • Social factors: Social factors are one of the prime and most neglected factors behind lower level of libido. A person’s social recognition, surroundings, family members and religious beliefs often affect the mood of the person and in turn regulate their level of happiness. Libido is in general proportionate to happiness. So if a person is unhappy, he is often associated with poor sexual desire while a happy person is generally found to have better sex drive. What makes this factor more important is that social factors are so complex and is associated with so many other persons; it is often beyond the control of the person in question. Moreover, irrespective of the society, libido or its associated matters are rarely discussed which makes it even tougher for the person to recover.
  • Personal factors: Personal matters like cordial relationship with partners, stress associated with work life or other parameters of life do affect the mental health of a person and thereby translates in to their libido level. While a free spirited person is generally has higher T level, individual brought down with several matters of life often experience extremely low libido.

Hence it is pretty easy to understand how complex the regulation of libido level in our body is. However there is no denial that without an urge for sex, it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. So it is equally important to understand how to maintain proper T Level to have a higher libido.

Maintaining Testosterone Level – Secret to Higher Libido

As already discussed, the secret recipe for higher libido is to keep body testosterone level high. Follow the following easy remedies to keep your T level at upper side

  1. De-stress: Now a day, it is said that stress is the mother of all bad things. It may originate from work pressure, it may come from financial issues, whatever is the origin of stress, it always exerts ill effects. Identify the causative factors of stress and work actively to get rid of them.
  2. Spend time with family and friends: Being social, not through social networking websites, have its own benefits. Not only it keeps stress at bay but only helps in release of happy hormone and uplifts the mood. All these translate in to a happier you, which essentially give a boost to your sexual urge.
  3. Cut-down on alcohol: Like stress, over consumption of alcohol also have its own bad effects. Alcoholism has been directly linked to lower libido. While red wine has its own good effect on libido, it is advisable to keep alcohol consumption to a permitted level.
  4. Leave those comfort foods at the counter: Fast foods and read to serve foods are often loaded with preservatives and other bad substances. Keeping their consumption towards the lower side has positive effects on your Libido Level.
  5. Incorporate fish and olive oil in your recipe: Incorporating fish and olive oil in to your recipes provide adequate supply of required ingredients to keep T level higher.
  6. Consult doctors or physicians: If you are on some medications or feeling depressed, get some pro assistance to have a proper checkup and advice to maintain the level of your most important good hormone.
  7. Do some weight training: Weight training helps to keep fat away which in turn helps in maintaining higher T level. Higher T level reflects in the form of higher libido.

Libido is associated with several social, physiological and psychological aspects. To keep libido high, it is essential to maintain proper level of testosterone. You can also supplement with Spartagen XT.  Follow the above guidelines to maintain your T level and keep your sex drive on the higher side.