Chrysin: Boost Your Testosterone Level

Testosterone is undoubtedly the most important male hormone. It effects are not limited to development of male secondary sexual characters and better performance at the bed. Physiologically testosterone is far more important than initially presumed. This Good Anabolic steroid plays an important role in maintenance of muscle to fat ratio by elevating natural fan burn. However modern life style and its associated stress wreak havoc to cut down on body T level and undermine all of its good efforts. Fortunately Chrysin, the Naturally Occurring flavonoid is able to elevate the body T level.

What is Chrysin?

Chrysin is a natural flavone which is primarily found in passion flowers. Chamomiles also do contain this wonder compound and honeycombs and certain mushrooms have also been reported to contain Chrysin. Estrogen, the most important hormone for females, has been reported to produce several negative effects in our body when accumulated or produced in higher amounts. The major benefit of Chrysin lies in its ability to block estrogen. This is the reason why Chrysin is found as a supplement in to several body-building food supplements and testosterone gels.

Chrysin – Testosterone relationship – the secret Link

Before going in to the details of Chrysin mediated benefits, it is important to understand how Testosterone provides its good effects –

  1. Testosterone boosts up libido,
  2. This good steroid helps to burn body fat,
  3. It helps in growth of muscles,
  4. Testosterone helps in keeping the overall energy level high.

So it is very essential to maintain higher level of body testosterone level. However modern day lifestyle, especially consumption of packaged or ready-made foods, higher working hours in high stress environment causes the lowering of body testosterone level. In fact some of the testosterone gets converted in to estrogen which in turn abolishes all the good benefits of testosterone. Fortunately Chrysin helps in stabilizing the body T level by blocking the enzyme aromatase which causes conversion of testosterone in to estrogen.

Does Chrysin really work?

This is something you would like to know since Chrysin is contained within Spartagen XT ingredients.  There has been some debate over the ability of Chrysin to exert its claimed benefits. Since there were no studies done on humans or lab animals, all of its known benefits are based on couple of in-vitro studies performed to understand its mode of action. These studies have demonstrated that Chrysin is an effective aromatase blocker and thereby in turn elevates the testosterone level, leading to higher male libido and better fat burn.

Several body-building supplement production companies and even the largest testosterone gel producers started active marketing of their products which contain this miracle flavonoid chrysin.

Chrysin – A Zero Side Effect compound

Chrysin being a natural compound, when made available in to the body, does not produce any adverse effects. Even its acute doses to treat Low testosterone cases did not cause any un-wanted symptoms. The one can apply Chrysin without the fear of any side effects.

Uses of Chrysin – Boost your T level and Libido naturally

Chrysin is available as a part of several body building supplements along with finding it in to the market as an ingredients of testosterone gels. Whatever form it may be, the main priority is to make it available within the body where it can prevent aldolase activity to prevent testosterone getting converted in to Estrogen. This in turn would elevate your body testosterone level and help you attain a well-toned physique with increased sexual drive and more energy.

So consult your trainer or physician and get yourself a regular dose of this wonder compound Chrysin and get rid of the adverse effects of Low T levels and extract the maximum benefits of your increased vigor and vitality.