Eat Right to Pump Up Your Sex Life

After a hard day’s work, when all you need is love, to your horror, you see you don’t feel like it. Your wife or your girlfriend sulks herself to sleep waiting on you, while you just dose off. Ever wondered what might be the problem; what you might be missing.

Eating is not enough. You need to get your nutrients right!

Human body is like a machine; it needs fuel to survive. Certain vitamins boost the growth and proper functioning of specific parts of the body. Our body runs on hormones. If those levels are not balanced, you could be counting a list of problems. Vitamin B6 is one such that does the needful.

We are a lot dependent on fast foods these days. They lack nutrients due to the overcooked stuff. This is not really what we are looking for to be alive and healthy.

Low sex drive, high frustration levels

Low sperm count in men is quite the modern problem. The stress, the absolutely unhealthy way of life has caused the hormone balance to sway. Pressure at work is so great that one hardly finds the time-out time. No wonder why the testosterone levels are going down!

When men experience stress, it inhibits the production of testosterone levels. If not acted upon by proper nutrients like Vitamin B6, the imbalance could wreak havoc in your love life too. Sounds surprising? Well, do not be. Ensure that the proper nutrients that boost your libido are in your diet.

Fulfilling carnal pleasures is a basic need of man and woman alike. If that part remains insatiate, nothing goes right in life. A tension begins to set in between you and your partner and this can be detrimental to the relationship. When a person’s relationships go downhill, work life, personal development all push out of balance.

A good physical and mental health is what we all crave, don’t we? Yet, we keep very little time for eating and sleeping. Quick-fix fast foods not only rob us of our vitality, they also harm us internally with unnecessary fats. Going to gym is expensive. You can’t hit the gym every time when you don’t even have the time to sleep.

All these add up to your crankiness and your frustration levels. To avoid all these, you had better start concentrating on those vitamins. Vitamin B6 among the complex is known to have a way with testosterones. A good food stuffed with Vitamin B6 has been known to do great good to the body.

How Vitamin B6 acts

1. With Vitamin B6 in the Spartagen XT capsules, the Prolactin level in a man is controlled. As a result, the testosterone functions well and Estrogen levels work out too. With the entire hormone set up normalized, you can see your libido pick up. You can enjoy sex better than ever.

2. In addition, the red blood cells production increases bringing vitality to your body. The chemicals Serotonin and Dopamine are released in adequate amounts. A normal hormone level means a healthy, fit body.

3. Even if you age, there is nothing better than natural substituent to elevate those hormones. One can also take Vitamin B6 supplements if they are available but remember to eat natural stuff that has that vitamin in it. Supplements alone don’t help much.

The right food and the right amount of doctor-prescribed supplements is pizzazz. The energy levels go way up as these vitamins help burn fat and carbohydrates to give loads of energy. And the nervous system is also well maintained.

What foods to eat

Including lean meat like pork chops, roast beef can be a good idea. Dairy products such as cottage cheese add to the Vitamin B6 amount. Be sure to take it low fat for good results. Bananas, avocados, tomatoes etc. are foods that help you achieve your goal.

All the B vitamins, not just Vitamin B6, are found in plenty in mushrooms, almonds, shellfish etc. Make sure to include these in your diet as they help in increasing muscular strength in your body.

Beware of overdose

But too much of anything is bad. Vitamin overdose may not kill you but it sure has its own share of causing trouble. Since these vitamin B complex dissolves quickly in water, expect a lot of it to pass through urine. That is one pricey urine going to the toilet.

Though these cases are rare, high blood sugar, skin problems could crop up. At times, heart and liver problems could give you trouble too if you take vitamin B complex excessively.

One could also suffer from nausea; have difficulties in vision if they take Vitamin B6 in unregulated amounts.

For men, taking B-complex vitamins is vital. In the era of overstress, you need the proper balance of diet to keep the vitality going on. Ironically, a good and passionate sex happens to be a stress buster but at the same time, you need a good amount of energy to do that.

It is best to pay a visit to a properly qualified dietician who can arrange a diet chart according to your body weight. Accordingly, the vitamin and mineral intake will be charted out. Then you can begin your healthy living with that and not overdose on anything, not even food.

All you need is a bit of motivation and the rest will be easy to achieve. You should not compromise on happiness and well-being or be lazy. Laziness never does anyone any good.