How Stress Is Taking Over Men’s Libido

Today’s men will be much acquainted with the term ‘Irritable Male Syndrome. Given the lifestyle they have to lead, where is the time to make love? Mostly men these days are cranky, exhausted and would just snore off once their heads hit the pillow. The wife, the girlfriends’ woes continue day after day. Why so serious? Because of lack of testosterone.

The libido fall and its primary cause

Much like the dreaded Irritable Bowel Syndrome where one finds it difficult to clear their bowels, a man finds it difficult to feel the fire with IMS. Too much of stress, pollution, and not to mention, the radiation from our smart phones, takes a heavy toll on the testosterone levels. This is reflected upon the libido, or in other words, the sex drive of a man. Nothing could be more frustrating than this.

Previously, scientific reports would say that reduced libido is a sign of low testosterone levels, characteristic mainly of aged men. Nevertheless, in the modern times, other factors have crept in too. Some reports reveal that other androgens may influence the libido of a man but it is mainly the testosterone behind the wheels.

Factors influencing lower libido

1. Bad health - This acts like a circle. First, the bad health slows down the drive by lowering the T levels. Then, the lower libido worsens the condition by alcoholism, workaholic behaviour, and gambling in some extreme cases.

2. Too much porn - watching too much porn in early teens eventually lowers the sex drive. By the time he is an adult, he fails to achieve erection because porn and real-life sex pattern is not the same.

3. Over the period, the testosterone levels are declining- studies have revealed that earlier, men had higher testosterone levels and hence higher libido than do the successors.

A matter of concern

Well, if this continues to happen, men are in great peril. They must take out time for themselves to be men again. Or else, a great, dark depression could set in. They must combat the stress in any way possible.  Spartagen XT testosterone raising results are experienced by a plethora of users, and it is just one way to combat lower libido.