How Tribulus Restores Libido

A common plant in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Tribulusterrestris is a plant found all across the globe, mostly suited to grow in regions of dry climate. The spiny fruits of this plant as well as its roots and leaves are used by a large number of people to recover from a wide range of pathological problems.

The major uses of this plant in the herbal medicinal field has been to give a relief from the kidney associated problems, psoriasis and dry skin, eczema, cardiovascular problems like abnormal heart rhythms and continuous chest pain, digestive and inflammatory problems, cancers and anaemia.

Apart from these, it has been seen that the extract of Tribulus that is contained in Spartagen XT can stimulate the androgen receptors of the body and increase the testosterone levels of the males. This increase in the hormone levels often results in an increase in sexual desire among males. Moreover, the regular and supervised use of this extract as a drug supplement has been shown to increase the sperm count in the semen and also the lifespan and motile capacity of the sperms.

According to the reviews of many of the regular users of this drug supplement, this extract helps them to achieve bigger and better orgasms and greatly enhances their sexual performance at a noticeable rate. Moreover, it helps in achieving a stronger erection for a prolonged duration.

Not only this, for the men who have sex associated problems like erectile dysfunction or the inability to maintain an erection in the sexual organ for a duration sufficient enough for successful intercourse with the female partner, this plant extract is a saviour.

Also, for males who suffer from spermatorhoea or a sudden release of semen in the absence of an orgasm, the use of Tribulus has been shown to reduce the occurrence of the disease.

However, the use of this drug should be avoided by patients of prostate cancer and it is recommended to be used only under the supervision of medical professionals.