Increase Testosterone Without Supplements

A human body can function well only if there is a proper secretion of various hormones from the special glands in the body called the endocrine glands. Particularly, in man, the hormone testosterone is extremely important for his vitality and well-being. However, recent changes in the lifestyle and increased workload, coupled with high expectations to perform better in this speedy world, have messed up these levels.

Supplements do help but the pocket-pinch is really demoralising to sustain the treatment. At times, they are not always that helpful either. We need to go deeper to understand the problem and find out pocket-friendly solutions.

Lack of Testosterone

Now it is quite a matter of concern for this generation as lack of hormones can affect one’s ability to father children. Added to stress are pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals, which in turn is escalating the cause itself.

It is like a vicious circle altogether. One ought to be wary of the early signs of low testosterone levels, therefore. These signs are clear; an easily fatigued body, ebbing sexual urge, irritation are some of the most common signs that your male hormones need a check.

Surely, there are chemical ways to make up for the loss but before you jump in, what is the harm in trying some natural techniques? Following certain methods with a bit of alteration in the way you live can actually turn things around.

Consider sleep as an indispensable medicine

A tiresome workday demands a good night’s sleep. If you deprive your body of that, know you are pushing your body out of balance. Less secretion of testosterone in your testicles is a result of a chain of events- reduction in secretion of other hormones. The fact is all hormones in our body are inter-related so pushing one out of balance means messing up the entire system.

Doctors researching on this testosterone topic have blamed lack of sleep and insomnia to be the culprits behind plummeting Testosterone levels in men. So make sure to sleep well, undisturbed, for at least 8 hours. No compromise on that part. Shove aside all electronic gadgets or glaring objects that excite you. Skip those late-night binge watching of TV series. You won’t die if you are not up-to-date on a certain primetime show. Your eyes need rest before you can fall asleep.

A healthy weight is the sign of a healthy man

If you are overweight, the aim is simple- lose it. Likewise, if you are under-weight, find ways to boost some extra kilos. Researches from various universities have revealed obesity triggering certain inflammation factors in man that lowers his Testosterone levels.

A doctor or a qualified dietician will be of great help in this regard. Following their advice will help both the obese and the scrawny men in the long run.

Keep a check on stress

More the level of stress, the more there will be secretion of a certain hormone named Cortisol. Cortisol is said to elevate the feeling of stress in both men and women. So it is important that you try and keep these levels in check.

Find something to do that helps you relax. Nothing could be more relaxing than listening to good music. Spare an hour or two to do the things you love. If you are a woman reading this blog and want to help your spouse out, tell him to do this. Even if that means cutting a few hours of work-life, so be it.

Spend time with your family. Nothing else should come before that. Trust me, seeing your loved ones is a great stress-buster in itself.

Keep that machine running

Sit-and-work has never helped anyone because our body is just like a machine. And a machine needs to run. Surely, computers have made our lives simpler but it has also made it difficult to keep ourselves healthy. Usually, working out a bit helps. Under the supervision of a trainer, some weight training can prove worthy. If you cannot fit the gym in your schedule, just walk- for ten-minutes or so. Every day.

But do not overdo any hard exercise. Working out too much can be counter-intuitive, i.e. decrease your Testosterone even more. That would be more harm than good. So, take care of yourself at a moderate rate.

Ask your doctor if any medicine is hindering your male hormones

You ought to know if some medicine you are regularly has some effect on your hormones. Certain chemicals like steroids, opioid drugs etc. slow down the body functions, hence hormone secretion.

You should seek professional help, if you notice changes in your libido and your overall performance in life. You cannot take your manhood for granted.

And most importantly,

Cut down on supplements

It’s better to take boosters like natural herbs, for e.g., Ginseng, Tribulus and the like, obviously under some guidance. Chemical supplements given intravenously are not just expensive but induce side effects too, due to prolonged use.

The supplements are designed to act on a hormone, DHEA, which in turn, releases more testosterone. On the other hand, the natural extracts help in simply lowering the other female hormones in the male body somewhat, so that the Testosterone levels get lifted comparatively. Side-effects are rare. So, the lesser you depend on supplements, the better off you will be.  There is a natural supplement that uses herbs to raise testosterone levels naturally, and you can read more about it in this Spartagen XT review.

Being a man is tough. One has to keep their head high amid many obstacles. Moreover, this world is getting expensive day by day. Taking care in an efficient way is the only thing one should hold on to. And be happy, anyway. That is the best medicine to healthy living.