Maca: The Wonder Herb

Maca, also scientifically known as Lepidiummeyenii, is a herb whose root extract is known to be widely used in herbal medicine. Over the years, Maca has widely been used to induce muscle formation in men at a higher rate and increase the body metabolism. However, several studies have widely shown that Maca has a crucial role to play in the reduction of erectile dysfunction.

Also, research has shown that the root of this plant widely found in the mountains of Peru, can increase the sperm count in men who have poor rate of spermatogenesis than is necessary to ensure fertilisation of the ovum. Furthermore, it plays a potential role in increasing the fertility in men who are not fertile.

Although some studies have claimed to be a strong aphrodisiac, however evidence has shown that the effects of Maca are often not high as the above claim. Maca can play a crucial role in regulating the sexual infertility by reducing the hormonal imbalance and therefore increase testosterone formation. This is done due to the presence of sterols in Maca which blocks the Estrogen hormone while simultaneously increasing the sexual drive due to increased testosterone levels.

Also, Maca increases the sensitivity of the testosterone receptors, thus helps in increased hormone signalling events, which contributes to higher sexual arousal.

A study conducted on a group of male subjects has shown that Maca can also increase the lifetime of sperms and their viability as well as their motility. Low sperm motility is often a reason of male infertility as the sperms, if do not possess sufficient capacity to move, will not be able to reach the fallopian tube of the female reproductive system and hence fertilisation of the ovum will not happen.

Maca also helps in increasing the energy levels of the body, giving more stamina and an obviously better and more satisfactory sexual performance. Often higher tension or stressful situations have a tendency to reduce the duration of erection and diminished sexual performance. Maca has been shown to lower stress levels due to its high nutritional values and help in better adaptation of the body and brain to different stressful situations at a very high rate.

Also, the Maca root is useful for women as it helps them to fight with a whole range of symptoms. Since Maca root is totally a natural product, its usage will have a lowered possibility of side effects.  So if you use ´╗┐Spartagen´╗┐ XT which contains Maca, you can be rest assured the side effects are minimal.

Few uses are listed here:-

For women suffering from early menopause, the use of Maca root can be very useful. Early menopause occurs due to hormonal and phytochemical imbalance in our body. So the use of this Maca root helps them to stabilise their hormonal and phytochemical levels and thereby prevent early menopause and the other symptoms associated with it.

The use of the Maca helps to increase the sex drive for women. In many women decreased sex drive occurs due to a complex hormonal imbalance cycle, while use synthetic pharmaceutical components are a way to fight it, but it has a whole range of side effects. So the use Maca root can be better way to fight the problem, as it reduces hormonal imbalance and has almost no side effects to account for.

Studies have shown that the use of the Maca root can be a potent for mood enhancing and maintaining proper brain health. Our mood is controlled by the dopaminergic reactions in the thalamus region of our brain, so studies show that Maca root can be useful in maintaining proper dopaminergic reactions in our brain and maintain proper brain function and regulating our mood.

So, in short, although studies indicate that Maca root is super food supplement with varied health benefits and almost no side effects, but its overuse should be avoided as far as possible.