Magnesium – the Cardiac Stress Buster!

It’s an innate nature of every cell in the human body to strive for Magnesium. Magnesium has been a vital component for strength in the muscles. Besides this, it is also responsible for the nerves to be alert. Lately, several studies have demonstrated the importance of magnesium to protect the ailing heart and recovering it from stress.

Magnesium also plays the crucial role of enabling patients affected with cardiac diseases to exercise for longer periods and helps their hearts to combat from stress. Moreover, magnesium has also shown results manifesting restoration of circulatory system to meet the body’s needs.

A large number of studies have proven the efficacy of magnesium and its importance of dietary inclusion to prevent and combat various disease conditions. One of the studies wherein, one group of participants was administered with magnesium supplements containing 350-400 mg of magnesium, whereas the other group was administered with a placebo having no therapeutic effect. Due to the surmounting therapeutic evidence of magnesium, it is included in the Spartagen XT supplement.

Over a period of time , numerous significant observations were noted which clearly explained that cardiac performance demonstrated less stress on subject to strenuous physical activity. Another decisive statement declaring the rise in the magnesium levels to normal levels was seen in the magnesium deficient candidates.

As a matter of fact, the mechanism of action of magnesium in warding off stress is influential in maintaining a efficient cardiac function. Nevertheless, all those cells of the body deprived from magnesium are exclusively open to injury and patients with cardiac diseases have a greater need for magnesium.

Preventing Magnesium related cardiac issues

With the advent of evolving medical research, experts have suggested for routine screening of magnesium levels in all affected patients and providing supplements to all the affected ones. Supplements are available over the counter to meet the deficiencies of the affected patients. Quality control agencies have suggested a increase in the quality control processes involved in the production of these supplements. As noted by many pharmaceutical experts, some of the magnesium supplements available over the counter are just placebos, whereas others have complications affecting the kidneys.

So, dietary recommendations for magnesium have a upper hand and are to be followed for reducing the incidences of magnesium in the general population. Nutritionists suggest increasing consumption of green vegetables like lettuce, almonds, cashew nuts and all whole grains one can find.