Male Libido Not a Closed Topic Anymore

Talks of sexual nature are usually a hush-hush affair. It is high time that we are open about it and address it, considering that it is such an integral part of our life. Not talking about it, will not make sexual problems go away. If that was the case, the priests would be big winners then. So, open up and discuss them because keeping quiet will only make it worse for you. And that is something you definitely do not want!

What exactly is libido?

So, mostly everyone has a sort of a rough idea about what libido is. You know it is connected to your sex drive and affects it. If asked to describe, mostly everyone can give vague explanations. But do you really, really know what it is exactly? If not, maybe you should have paid more attention in biology! Anyway, it is time to remedy your ignorance, and give a proper idea about what libido is.

· As mentioned above, libido basically means the sexual drive of a person or the desire for sexual activity.

· Testosterone, a hormone, is the primary driver behind your libido. So, high testosterone = high sexual drive and vice versa.

· Libido is also considered important by Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection. This is because high libido results in reproduction = furthering of a species = the current 7 billion human population!

Why so low?

There are many reasons for a low libido. The main thing is that the cause should be found out and then addressed properly. To feel shy and be hesitant about discussing it, is a sure shot way on how not to solve your libido problem. So, let's get into some of the factors that cause a low libido.

1. Stress! Stress! Stress! Yes, stress is a huge, huge cause of low libido. This can be due to emotional problems, lifestyle, job and so many other factors.

2. If you have a sweet tooth, you just maybe in trouble. Because too much sugar causes low levels of testosterone which will result in low libido. Not good!

3. Hormonal imbalances, especially of testosterone.

4. It can even be a result of too much smoking and alcohol consumption.

5. You thought weight loss was all good? Apparently not! Because being underweight and undernourished can result in a low libido.

Time to boost it!

Now that you know the causes and have hopefully identified the reason for your low libido, it is time to do something about it.

· First of all, before trying any medication or pill courtesy the internet, you should go to the doctor and discuss the problem. Do get your testosterone levels tested for sure while there.

· Cut back on your sugar and eat healthily. Also, if it is not possible to completely eliminate, then at least try to significantly reduce drinking and smoking.

· Nothing can replace proper and regular exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise will help a lot.

· To get to terms with your stress, try meditation.

· Try sex therapy. Yes, such a thing actually exists! This is important when the cause for low libido is non-physical, such as psychological and emotional.

So, be open or remain conflicted

It is important to open up about your problems of having a low libido. Nothing can be achieved by being shy and embarrassed by it. Zilch. First things first, as said above, consult your doctor. Don't decide to remedy it all on your own, just because you don’t want to discuss it. The most important thing, live a healthy lifestyle as being healthy can solve mostly all your problems, including that of your low libido.

  • January 27, 2016
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