Seven Super Effective Natural Ways To Boost Libido

The urge to engage in sexual activities is no more like it used to be couple of years ago – if your recent feelings are pointing towards such realization, if might be suffering from lower libido. Not only the urge for bed romances, you often feel stressed or lack of energy or easily get irritated – all these are actually a sign of southward move of your libido. But you need not worry – this is quite normal and it happens to many individuals.

Lowering of libido happens to both sexes and recent scientific studies show that it affects individuals of all ages. Escalated by present day life styles and high stressful work environments, Low libido can have lasting impact on your relationship with your partner if not treated in time. However the best part is that, it is much easier to bring libido level back to normal than ever imagined and the best part is that you do not immediately need to buy packs of Viagra capsules to make it happen.

There are several natural ways to boost libido. Follow this discussion to master those simple libido boosting techniques.

Like any long term solution to a persisting problem, boosting libido naturally requires proper understanding of the reasons that causes lowering of libido. This understanding is as important as following the solutions. Without this, there would be no solution that can last for a lifetime. More importantly, one should understand that a long lasting solution does not involve any quick fix. For example, Viagra can momentarily boost your libido but it only lasts a few minutes and its daily does have severe side effects. So what are the natural libido boosters?

As discussed above, let’s have a look at the list of factors that wreaks havoc to your libido level

  • Low Testosterone: Low T level and low libido are synonymous. Testosterone is the primary regulator of libido in men. Higher testosterone means higher level of libido and vice versa. Any factor that lowers body T level will also impact your libido.
  • Stress and Libido: Stress is the second most important factor for lower libido in men. Stress causes release of a hormone called cortisol which disrupts a number of metabolic pathways in our body, resulting in lower libido.
  • Body Fat: Higher level of body fat is associated with lower T level. Fat and testosterone is related by a vicious cycle. While high T level increases fat burning, the opposite happens when fat overtakes this crucial balance. More the body fat, less the libido.
  • No Workout: Working out not only helps us to gain more muscles, it also helps to reduce body fat. Since fat burning is important for maintaining T level, it also helps to maintain higher libido.
  • Food Habit: With the ever growing trend of consuming ready to consume foods like burgers, fries etc. the normal metabolism has dipped down. Such foods are not only full of fat and carbs; they act as master ingredients to make your T level go down.

In summary, factors like stress, food habit, less workout which leads to accumulation of body fat results in low libido by bringing down body testosterone level.

So you have now gained a fair enough idea about what’s causing you stay from enjoying those intimate moments with your partner. Now it’s time to work on them to bring back your libido by increasing your T level.

Here are the top 7 natural remedies to boost your libido naturally. These solutions have been designed by experts after careful consultation with scientists, nutritionists, fitness experts and physicians. Since these solutions are natural, it has zero side effects. You do not need to buy medicines or products. What are needed are just your sincere efforts and you will be charmed by the results in a few days.

So the top seven natural libido boosting ways are

  1. Eat the forbidden fruit: Well we are not talking about the mythological forbidden fruit i.e. apple. While apple has several benefits on its own, by forbidden fruit for Libido, we mean aphrodisiacs fruits. Fruits like bananas, avocados have been proved to work like a charm in this regard. So make sure to consume them on daily basis.
  2. Get some choco: Yes, you heard it right, eat some chocolate, and not stay away from it. Chocolates help in release of serotonin, the other name of happy hormone. It provides the much needed boost to your blood flow which is important for a better libido. However over indulgence is never good.
  3. Include veggies in your diet: Veggies supply the much needed vitamins and minerals to your body. Foods like spinach etc. which rich in zinc, selenium and other important minerals have proved to be a libido booster.
  4. Keep stress away: As already discussed, stress is major factor for low libido. So start by identifying your stress factors and work on them to get rid of stress from its very root.
  5. Get some sleep: Research has shown that lowering of sleep duration by a couple of hours for a week can cause around 30% decrease in T level. So having a deep sound 8 hours sleep is very important for your libido.
  6. Regular Workout: Start with 3 days a week and increase to 5/6 times and include some weight training. It not only keeps fat at bay, it boosts both T level and libido.
  7. Go home-cooked: Stay away from all those junk foods. However tempting those foods may be, they do no good to your health. Home cooked foods are not only good for health; they are much fresh and high in food value.

Having a higher libido is very much important for your own physical and mental health and it also helps to maintain the ideal relationship with your partner. Follow these natural remedy guidelines to boost your libido without pills.

  • February 26, 2016
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