T for Tribulus and T for Testosterone

Tribulus is slowly becoming a hot favourite for people who aim to build their bodies and gain masculine strength. If T is for Tribulus, you can already guess what it might relate to. Yes, that’s right. T is for Testosterone as well and Tribulus helps enhance the same.


Tribulus Terrestris extract is used to make a supplement applicable to men and it helps to elevate the physical performance. Muscles develop quicker and better with this. Studies on many men have shown to improve sperm count in their semen. The sperms were mobile.

Research on Ayurveda and Chinese herbs have recently come up with the claim of such herbs to make a highly potent man out of a weak, scrawny individual.

Athletes that are into weight lifting are relying on tribulus because it is safe and the desired results are remarkable.

How it works

Science says, though not proven, Tribulus Terrestris elevates the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which stimulates the secretion of testosterone.  It is speculated that this is how Spartagen XT works.  Scientists recommend men to take this supplement for a period of 80 days since the sperm too needs this period to achieve maturity. This is no extra hormone addition so nothing to worry when you take it if you are an athlete.

The lean muscle gets the boost and simultaneously the libido enhances too. So your partner is benefited from this as well, because she is satisfied too.

But the results won’t happen overnight. Herbal medicines do take a significant amount of time to show its effects. So you have to be patient to achieve the physique you want.

Herbs are always a better choice

Surely, synthetic drugs are speedier enough to give you that body, maybe improve upon your libido too but nothing beats natural supplements.

Sometimes steroids mess with the hormonal balance in your body. For one good, it does several bad things as side effects. With Tribulus, you can restore the balance and at the same time enhance your performance just as good. The only thing to keep in mind is the overdose- better be careful about it because it is a medicine nonetheless.