Testestorone: From Bed To Body

Testosterone is an Anabolic Steroid that biologically acts as the primary agent to drive Masculine Growth and development within the male body. It is primarily produced by the testicles in men while women produce this hormone in a minor quantity within their ovaries. However the profound effect of testosterone is primarily exhibited in men as Estrogen acts as the Testosterone’s counterpart in women.

What does Testosterone do?

Testosterone has a lot of roles to play. That is why this hormone is of prime importance within the male body. Briefly the Functions of Testosterone can be summarized as follows –

  • This male hormone helps in the development of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics,
  • Testosterone improves body Fat Burn,
  • Along with improving fat loss, this Good Steroid helps in the building of muscles, thereby helping to gain fat free well-toned physique,
  • Testosterone helps to improve overall energy level,
  • Higher T Level means better erectile ability, translating in to better performance during your intimate moments.

So it can be easily understood why Testosterone is rated so high when it comes to rating the important hormones in male body, especially during the adulthood.

Effects of Low Testosterone Level

Now a day, one of the main health concerns among male is the low level of testosterone. Elevated by several work and lifestyle associated factors; Low T Level has been a major issue in recent past. The unfortunate part is that number of people suffering from lower T level is actually on the rise overall the last decade and the more worrying part is that there is no sign of it decreasing in near future.

So what are the effects of Low T Level? Lower level of this good male hormone is associated with the following symptoms –

  1. Increase in body fat, especially in the mid region,
  2. Frequent mood changes,
  3. Anxiety, anger, irritations, depression,
  4. Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction,
  5. Over indulgence on alcohol, gambling or lottery.

It is no brainer to understand how low T Level can harm you from multiple sides. What’s more worrying is the association of Low T Level with Fat Accumulation. Higher percentage of body fat decreases the available testosterone causing further lowering of Body T Level and this vicious cycle keeps on going.

Thereby it is very important to maintain higher testosterone level in order to achieve a fat free muscular body with higher level of energy.

Before going in to the details of attaining higher T level, it is important to know what causes lowering of testosterone. Here are the top reasons for a reduction in your T level –

  • Obesity,
  • Stress,
  • Radiation therapy or Chemotherapy,
  • Medication side effects,
  • Over consumption of alcohol, readymade foods.

Well, most of the men, can relate them to more than one factors from the above list. However one should become careful if you have some of the above habits and experience more than one of the earlier mentioned symptoms of Low T level.

How to Bring Back T Level

Due to the overall effect of testosterone on the entire body, it is very important to maintain proper testosterone Level. However, as discussed in above sections, present day lifestyle, work associated stress and other factors seriously hamper the male testosterone level. Especially the vicious cycle relating testosterone and fat makes it harder to maintain normal T level within the body. But there seems to be no other option than paying attention to maintain it properly. Here are the top five ways to maintain your normal T level:

  1. Get De-Stressed: Stress is a major factor wrecking up almost all the balances that are important to keep within the body. T level is no exception. Point out the reasons causing stress within you and make sincere efforts to put them behind. Please do not go for a quick fix, rather think in the longer term.
  2. Become social: By social, it is not meant higher activity on social networking platform. Rather get rid of it as much as possible. Being social means interacting more with family and friends in the old school way. Spend more time with them, go on regular holidays and interact more with them.
  3. Put comfort foods at rest: Don’t go for a burger or a soft drink whenever you feel hungry. Whether at office or at home, prefer home cooked meals and tiffin. Eat as much vegetables as possible as veggies are the real source of vitamins and minerals. Not only them detoxify by removing free radicals from your body, but also provide an inner boost and help you maintain physiological balance.
  4. Get some sleep: Research has shown that lowering your sleep duration by 2-3 hour per day can cut down your T level by 30% within a week. So think twice before becoming a nocturnal agent. Not only T level, sleep also helps you strengthen your memory and intellectual ability, thinking power and beauty. So why not sleep a little more when doing absolutely nothing can give you so many things.
  5. Become sexually active: Well don’t get it wrong, being sexually active means indulge in this act of love several times a week. Don’t make it a weekender activity or put it on hold for holiday only. Unlike the vicious relation between Fat and T level; Testosterone and Sex have a very cordial relationship. While Higher T level means better Libido, better performance on bed; higher sexual activity helps in recovering and maintenance of proper T level.

Men should seriously consider about maintaining their T level by buying Spartagen XT. At least get in to more sex act. What can be more rewarding that having a fun time while giving a natural boost your most important master regulator – the Testosterone? Follow the above guidelines for a healthier body, Better Sex Life and an enjoyable life full of energy.