Testosterone and Men: Fastest to The Finish Line!

Simply put for the larger public, testosterone is a kind of steroid hormone that is secreted by the testicles that are present in all members of the male persuasion. Testosterone also happens to be the primary sex hormone in males, and is responsible for a ton of things that go around inside the male body, one of which is sexual health.

Testosterone is responsible for the spurt in bone and muscle mass, growth of facial hair, as well as all the other secondary sexual characteristics that develop in the male body. Other than that, testosterone levels of a man are also a clear cut indicator of his sexual well-being.

The hormone and its wonders

Testosterone levels are also a reliable indicator of a man’s relationship status, did you know that? Well, now you do. Men who are a part of a stable and happy relationship (cue the awing), tend to have steady testosterone levels, usually lesser than the men who are most probably heading in for a separation (yikes).

Other than the romantic front, testosterone levels also take a nosedive once a man becomes a father, which results in all the emotional and behavioral changes that come about in men. So, you know, all that love and care and affection has not got everything to do with you; it’s the testosterone, too.

Testosterone and male arousal

Testosterone levels of a man are somewhat significantly dependent on whether they mate with an ovulating or a non-ovulating woman. Usually, men who have sexual intercourse with an ovulating woman have stable levels of testosterone in their system, that are significantly lesser than what is found in men who are having sexual intercourse with woman who are not ovulating currently, at the time of copulation.

Any kind of sexual stimuli also causes an inevitable spike in the testosterone levels of any individual. Also, the thresholds of sexual arousal of men are heavily dependent on the amount of testosterone that goes around in their bloodstream, and in their system. Men with lower thresholds of sexual arousal have noticeably higher amount of testosterone in their systems than those with slightly higher thresholds. To cut the long story short, if you get turned on easily, the testosterone in your blood is taking a hike, too.

  • Testosterone plays a vital role in promoting and prolonging sex-drive, and that is actually what really keeps you going, both men and women.
  • Not only is testosterone responsible in sperm production in the male persuasion, it also creates an optimum environment in the females for the nourishment and warm reception of the fertilized egg, should there be any such incidence.
  • Testosterone is also very important in men for obtaining proper and quick erections, without any trouble at all. In case of inadequate testosterone in the body, the person suffers through what is commonly called as ‘erectile dysfunction’, and is cured by coping up with the needs of the body as far as testosterone is concerned.
  • Apart from sexual thresholds, testosterone also determines how quickly you get to the finish line, as well as how long you last. The levels of the said hormone in a person’s bloodstream dictate the ease with which he may attain orgasm.

How to make sure you are always stocked up

Testosterone is a vital hormone for a person’s well-being, and having established that, let us now look at some of the basic symptoms that are warning signs. Here they are:

  1. The muscle mass in the body decreases, while there is a sudden spurt in the amount of body fat. This is one of the prime and most common signs of declining testosterone levels.
  2. Fluctuation cholesterol levels are always a big red flag, as far as testosterone levels are concerned. Also, most people with declining testosterone levels also experience low hemoglobin, which may or may not then further lead to a mild case of anemia.
  3. Testosterone helps prevents osteoporosis in males, and in case the bones start to get weak or fragile, you should know that you now have a very big reason to worry.
  4. With all the secondary sexual characteristics waning as the testosterone levels take a dip downward, the body hair on men also starts to recede (or vanish, depending upon how severe your condition is).

If the above symptoms are not helping you, or in case you want to be super sure about your condition with regard to testosterone levels, there is always the good old way of getting a blood test, and let the doctor do his/her calculations. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure, indeed.

Sexual health and testosterone levels

As far as the sex life of any person is considered, testosterone is an important part of it, both in males and in females.

Females, too, produce a certain amount of testosterone, although very small as compared to those in men. Testosterone, hence, is a major reason for sex-drive and all those feelings of desire and love that get your heart racing (proven fact, this is science, people).

Also, testosterone levels reach their highest very early in the day for every man, without fail, no deviations allowed at all.

As mentioned before, testosterone levels also promote sperm production, especially during sexual intercourse, as well as accelerate and enhance the entire experience. In females, too, testosterone is a must-need for full and complete satisfaction.

  • February 5, 2016
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