Testosterone Problems? Do Not Panic!

Low testosterone causes huge problems among men, the worst of all - erectile dysfunction. And this causes a whole lot of self esteem and confidence issues, which just worsen the already bad situation. Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is not always directly related to old age. No. Even young men are facing the problems of erectile dysfunction and low testosterone which is not good. Not that you needed someone else to tell you that.

What is Testosterone?

Really, what exactly is it? You probably know that it is a hormone. Well, hopefully you do! But besides that there is so much more that you should be informed about as the first step of solving the problem is to understand it. So, here's a short biology lesson.

· Testosterone is a hormone responsible for you libido aka sexual drive.

· The regulation of testosterone in the body is controlled by the pituitary gland, which is at the bottom of the brain.

· Testosterone is produced by the testicles and is responsible for the primary and secondary male sexual characteristics.

· Primary, as you all must be aware (hopefully!), means the growth and development of penis and testicles.

· Secondary is the facial hair, deepening of the voice and others.

Symptoms of Testosterone Imbalance

There are many symptoms of this. Even things you may not have expected to point towards low testosterone can be a symptom. You may even recognize some of them, especially no. 1:

1. The big daddy of them all - erectile dysfunction.

2. Man boobs!

3. Low sperm count and fertility issues.

4. Low energy.

5. Decreased bone and muscle strength. Ouch!

6. Hair loss.

Causes of Low Testosterone

There are many and varied causes of low testosterone. It is not just internal, but external causes like emotional issues can also affect your testosterone levels. The best way to figure out what maybe causing low testosterone in you is by going to the doctor. Immediately.

1. Stress! The stress hormone causes problems in the production of testosterone.

2. Type 2 diabetes.

3. Problems in the pituitary gland.

4. Medicines and treatment for cancer, such as prostate cancer.

5. Obesity, especially all that weight gain around your abdomen.

6. Injury to your testicles. Yikes!

7. Too much alcohol.

How to Remedy Testosterone Imbalance

Since, the causes are so many of testosterone imbalance, so are the remedies. It is important that you don’t try anything without proper consultations with your doctor. Are you consuming pills and medicines after reading about them on the internet? No. No. No! This may just aggravate your testosterone problem. So, read on but also please go to the doctor.

· Exercise! Exercise! Do high intensity and strength training. A healthy body will work miracles for your testosterone problem.

· Make efforts to reduce the things and situations that cause stress. Consult a psychologist if the need be.

· Cut down on sugar and sugar products. Does not mean that you start resorting to artificial sweeteners! Those are also a big no.

· Healthy diet is very important so try to reduce your intake of processed food products as much as possible.

· Zinc is important for testosterone production. So, incorporate more zinc food items in your diet, such as oysters, beans, yogurt, fish and meats.

· You can even go for testosterone therapy, in which testosterone is given in the form of injections, gels or pellets. But you should have a proper discussion with your doctor because it includes side effects such as acne, enlarged breasts and others.

Hopefully all this information was useful and has provided you with a better idea about what is wrong and what can be done. Hope your testosterone and libido get back on the correc

  • February 19, 2016
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