Testosterone The Hormone

Testosterone is a hormone found in human beings and is mainly associated with the sexual drive. Hormone is a chemical substance which is produced by the tissues. It is the testosterone which determines our sex before our birth. The sex of a child is decided before its birth and it keeps developing as it grows.

It is an important hormone as far as men are concerned. It is a male sexual hormone which helps in sexual development. Testosterone is produced in testes, hence the name. It is this hormone which makes specific changes as a male child goes through different stages of his life. Testosterone is produced in women at a lower level when compared to that of men.

Testosterone is the hormone which helps in the development of sexual characteristics in men. It is responsible for the physical changes at the time of puberty such as growth of body hair, voice deepening and increased penis size. The important functions of testosterone include:

· It stimulates the sperm production in the body.

· It regulates the fat storage in the body,

· Improve red blood cell production.

· Helps in muscle development

Testosterone makes our bones stronger in order to support the muscles and internal organs. It has a positive impact on a man’s sexual desire. It has the capacity to modulate the mood levels of men. It can decide the mating behaviour of a man to an extent.

A healthy level of testosterone is necessary for the proper development of the body. In women, this hormone is produced by the ovaries. It is this hormone which gives women pleasure during the sexual intercourse. It also gives bone strength.

The production of testosterone in men happens in different stages. They are:

· In the womb

While the baby is in the womb of the mother, it is the testosterone which defines the sex of the baby. It develops the male reproductive system in the child. It is responsible for the masculinisation of the child.

· Puberty

During the period of puberty, testosterone accelerates the growth of the male organ. It leads to the growth of body hair and strengthens the bones. The production of this hormone is at its peak at this stage.

· Adulthood

It is essential for the production of sperm in one’s adult life. It also helps in maintaining sexual desire.

The increase in the production of testosterone is an issue of concern. It is most commonly seen in the period of adolescence. It may result in early puberty or even infertility.

The pituitary gland in the brain regulates the production of testosterone. The production of this hormone is high in adolescence and early adulthood. Likewise it decreases as one becomes older. The normal decrease in the level as part of ageing is not a problem.

The fall in the levels of testosterone can result in many physical problems. Low testosterone level in a man is termed as Hypogonadism. It can lead to less sperm production, loss of interest in sex, hair loss, an increase in body fat and lack of energy. It may slow down the physical development of men in adolescence. It can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

The causes of low levels of testosterone can be genetic or due to ageing. It can result in obesity and also impotence. It is because of the loss of this hormone that the bones of middle aged people broke easily when compared to youth.

Testosterone is an inevitable hormone in men. It is the key factor in determining his physical structure, strength, and the sexual life. Having a proper production of this hormone in body is necessary for a healthy man.

  • March 9, 2016
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