Tongkat Ali: The Remedy For Andropause

After forty, like women, men too begin to experience a slow-down in their sex lives. The plummeting testosterone levels are mainly the culprit in putting life in the back seat. What could be more frustrating than an erectile dysfunction? And considering the age one is in, powerful steroids and testosterone supplements can do more harm than good.

Thank goodness, we can look up to nature when all is forlorn. Nature with its wonders in the form of plants and herbs has lots to offer us. There are herbs tested and proven to work wonders on men’s health. Some of the known names in the market are Asian ginseng, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali etc. among these, Tongkat Ali has a special property to slow down andropause and treat age-related sexual problems. It has earned the name of an aphrodisiac from ancient use in oriental medicine.

Tongkat Ali more scientifically known as Euricoma Long folia, found in the rain forests of Malaysia.

How it acts

Symptoms of Andropause are likely to be erectile problems, reduced libido as a result of reduced levels of testosterone, lowering of sperm count, and ultimately lethargy, both mental and physical.

Upon taking Tongkat Ali extract, the luteinizing hormone releases more thereby stimulating testosterone release from the Leydig cells found in the testicles.

With regular use, the quality of sperm was seen to improve among 90% of men chosen for a study. Some of them could help make their partners pregnant again. So this proves that it is quite a potent medicine.

Check before you start to use

Trusting the market is a hard task. One has to be very careful not to fall for adulterated Tongkat Ali medicines. Some sellers try to sell medicines at a cheaper price, not necessarily the right one. Tongkat Ali is present on a variety of supplements as a blend.  If you take Spartagen XT, you will also be ingesting Tongkat Ali. Make sure you get your hands on the right supplement.

Taking the medicine alone won’t do you any good. You have to couple it up with some regular exercise, eat healthy to see the best results. Keep a regular check with your medical practitioner.

It is better to know the proper doses or too much intake could lead to problems. Since testosterone enhancement means your heartbeat will get a little faster, with overdose you might become very restless and anxious unable to control your adrenaline rush. That’s not how it should be.

Other benefits of Tongkat Ali

1. The overall effect of Estrogen in men’s blood is reduced. Women need more of this hormone, not the men though both contain their complementary hormones in bits. And this medicine helps block Estrogen thereby raising testosterone levels in comparison.

Estrogen levels rise in ageing males and that’s where the problem arises. It can block the receptor sites of testosterone and inhibit its actions. Using Tongkat Ali helps clear these blockades. The problem of erectile dysfunction is greatly taken care of by this supplement.

2. The Testosterone levels can go back to normal. With that, so does the blood circulation in heart. It is known that for a consistent erection, blood needs to flow into penis and for that a good cardiovascular function is necessary.

3. Diabetic patients can also use Tongkat Ali to fix their sexual disorders. Since this is a natural medicine, there is little risk of any unwanted chemical reaction in the body. It is not a testosterone supplement but just a booster of the same.

4. With the help of Tongkat Ali, one can also lose weight or deal problems related to obesity.

5. Prescribed medications such as antidepressants lower the libido because your body feels sleepy all the time. Tongkat Ali can take care of that to some extent.

The list on Tongkat Ali could go on and on because a natural herb comes with gifted qualities that can change our lives for the better. This is surely a risk-proof method to try to bring back your glory days.