Vitamin D: Your Muscle and Immune Booster

Vitamin D is an important resource found in few vegetables and other meat sources, but can be readily produced by the human body on contact of skin with sunlight. It’s a common scenario to observe individuals with Vitamin D deficiency suffer from tenderness of bones and other wide range of issues resulting from weak, fatty muscles to pain and changes in the immunological system’s functioning.

Vitamin D & Muscle growth

Vitamin D maintains the equilibrium in neuromuscular performance and affects production of protein. Protein is considered to be the primary drivers of muscle growth. Several researchers have declared that Vitamin D levels, if found below 35 nmol/l have decreased vigor, frailness and a great deal of muscle wasting will be noted. In addition, they have also suggested that, if morbid changes are found in Vitamin D receptors on a hereditary basis, then there could be definite chances of improper muscle performance.

Vitamin D is widely considered to be the significant player in absorption of Calcium and phosphorus from food. So individuals avoiding exposure of sunlight produce low levels of vitamin, thereby decreased absorption of calcium and phosphorus takes place. In fact , Osteoporosis a common ailment seen among post-menopausal women causing many bone fractures due to low levels of Vitamin D that leads to low calcium levels.

Vitamin D & the Immunological system

Autoimmune diseases have been a major cause of concern due to deficiencies resulting from Vitamin D. Clinical manifestations of Vitamin ranging from freezing hands, imbalance in insulin production and need. Besides this, vitamin D is involved in stimulating the T cells of the immunological system. Thus it is indirectly responsible for the supporting the immune system in warding off bacteria and potential disease causing viruses.

Although, Vitamin D is synthesized in our skin after exposure to sunlight, but a perspective that also should be shared among the public that over exposure can also cause burns. But as responsible protectors of our human bodies, we need to use the freely available source of Vitamin D for building a healthier society.  To supplement Vitamin D, you can either try Spartagen XT or a good quality Vitamin D supplement.